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Atelier Jendel Artworks

Permanent exhibition

Atelier Jendel Artworks / 8132 Egg ZH / Gewerbestrasse 18

In my studio in Egg near Zurich I design and produce my artworks. By prior appointment I will be happy to give you a non-binding and personal insight into the production of the works and show you a selection of the best projects. Please ask me, I am looking forward to your visit.

Date inquiry

31/Oct – 29/ May 2021

Vernissage / Atelier Jendel Artworks / 8132 Egg ZH

Due to the current Covid situation the vernissage was cancelled. We would like to offer you an individual appointment in our studio.


04/Jan – 31/ Mar 2021

BiSIDE / Raiffeisenbank / 8706 Meilen / Dorfstrasse 110

The exhibition BiSIDE presents some of the best works. These are exhibited in various rooms at the Raiffeisenbank in Meilen. Experience the best works up close and see them in your own way. Visits are possible at any time during bank opening hours.


22/May – 22/ May 2021

BiSIDE / Erlengut, 8703 Erlenbach - ZH / Erlengutstrasse 1A

In the exhibition BiSIDE in the time-honored Erlengut in Erlenbach, some of the best works are presented. The property Erlengut looks back on a rich history and offers ideal ambience for the impressive works BiSIDE, which we can present to you in this dignified setting.

Open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Parking in the underground garage is possible.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Jendel Artworks Walter Martin Jendel
“Every day an entertaining, inspiring and fascinating view of this artwork opens up again and again.” Walter Martin Jendel