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Ein Kunstwerk von Jendel Artworks aus dem Atelier in Meilen und Egg. Hervorragende Kunstwerke von Schönheit und Eleganz. Hergestellt am Zürichsee im Atelier in Herrliberg und Feldmeilen aus der Hand des Künstlers Walter Martin Jendel.
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Jendel Artworks BiSIDE

A new dimension of visual art

BiSIDE takes the spectator into a world surrounded by balance, harmony and curiosity. A work of art which is viewed from different positions, always astonishing anew. The combination of light and shadow, colours and shapes are essential features of this work.

Jendel Artworks BiSIDE Detailansicht

Two motives united in one art object. Made of oak or aluminium. With or without frame. All pieces are numbered, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity. I would also be pleased to create your personal unique piece with your very personal motive of choice.

Der Künstler - Walter Martin Jendel

The Artist

With passion I am creating my photos which I use for the artwork.

Professional equipment is very important. I am shooting with the Sony Alpha 7 RIII and the corresponding lenses and LEE filters. The equipment is the least part of the photography. A good picture depends on many factors. The most important ingredient is the correct light. So it comes that photography can also be described as the hunt for the light. Getting up early in the morning to catch the blue hour, using the hard light of the sun's rays during the day or catching the soft warm light at the golden hour in the evening. Fog, rain, clear visibility, sun or shadow, the reflection of the river and the mystic ambient of the forest, all these are conditionally adapted settings. Every situation is different and it takes a lot of experience. Sometimes you feel immediately when a picture has become good.

Walter Martin Jendel

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The Atelier

Jendel Artworks Atelier

My studio is a combination of several rooms. The first room is the open nature. In this impressive and unique room I find my inspiration and ideas. A vision arises which gets documented photographically and then grows in a design process. As the project matures, I move into a more technical world with materials and machines.There I create and finish until I am satisfied.



Visit our in house permanent exhibition in our atelier.
Arrange an appointment with us on site.

Atelier Jendel Artworks / 8132 Egg ZH / Gewerbestrasse 18

I'am very pleased to show you a selection of my works in person and give you a closer look at how they are made. I'am looking forward for your visit.

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BiSIDE / Raiffeisenbank / 8706 Meilen / Dorfstrasse 110

Presentation of the ARTLINE series and works from the OneSide and BiSIDE series in oak and aluminium.

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Jendel Artworks Hintergrund
Jendel Artworks Referenz Mitschi und Marco B. Jendel Artworks Referenz Freddy und Claudia H. Jendel Artworks Referenz Eugène de Graaf, Artisan Immobilere
"Our very own artwork by Jendel Artworks. We are absolutely delighted! Thank you Walter! “ Mitschi und Marco B., Laax, Canton Graubünden, Switzerland
„ The best surprise gift from our parents, a piece from Jendel Artworks, is like we have a new apartment, full of color and supermodern! “ Freddy und Claudia H., Dübendorf, Zürich, Schweiz
„ The artwork has a great effect and is an absolute eye catcher. Every time I pass it, I am pulled in again. The same applies to Walter's artworks as to my work: Dreams are realised together ! “ Eugène de Graaf, Artisan Immobilere, St. Gely, FRA