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You like to have your BiSIDE with your own meaningful motive?

Within the scope of the BiSIDE+ line, I would like to create for you a tailor-made artwork. The combination of two important pictures for you, is the basis for a unique tailor-made piece. In my head, I can see pictures of life meaningful people, mother and father, a child picture of your grandpa opposite to the today dear caring man. A comparison of a wedding day 50 years ago and today's anniversary, a landscape picture from many years ago, contrary to the current view, the first years of a company versus the present. The connection between a love couple, family members or beloved pets, a comparison between the old and current Home, ….

Moving, beautiful and touching, the possibilities and emotions are unlimited for us! I would like to create for you a unique and touching piece of art. Ask me without any compromise and I will gladly advise you! Your personal ideas and motives will be professionally analyzed and you will receive a high quality and unique piece of work. Create timeless joy for you and your family!

"Our very own artwork by Jendel Artworks. We are absolutely delighted! Thank you Walter! “ Mitschi und Marco B., Laax, Canton Graubünden, Switzerland
„ The best surprise gift from our parents, a piece from Jendel Artworks, is like we have a new apartment, full of color and supermodern! “ Freddy und Claudia H., Dübendorf, Zürich, Schweiz
„ The artwork has a great effect and is an absolute eye catcher. Every time I pass it, I am pulled in again. The same applies to Walter's artworks as to my work: Dreams are realised together ! “ Eugène de Graaf, Artisan Immobilere, St. Gely, FRA