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The Artist

Walter Martin Jendel am ausmessen

Walter Martin Jendel

From childhood on, I have been occupied with shapes, light and colours and I have been looking for ways to combine them. It turned out that the best way to do so, was to take advantage of my two passions, drawing and painting.

"El Cerro el Avila" was a personal gift to my Venezuelan wife Dalix. Walter Martin Jendel

Growing up in South of Germany in the beautiful and rich Nature of the so called Black Forest, I also dealt extensively with the material wood and for years I made elaborately decorated furniture. In 2011 I moved to Zurich and under the impression of the magnificent mountains and landscapes, I started with photography.

Inspired by the kinetic artwork of Cruz Diez and Jesus Soto I developed a new way of using photographs and designed my first BiSIDE in 2016:

"El Cerro el Avila" was a personal gift to my Venezuelan wife Dalix.

A three-dimensional painting on canvas and wood shows the image of the mountain of Dalix's hometown Caracas. The painting shows in a unique underlying geometry the striking colours of the landscape, cleverly combined with the interplay of a harmonious colour gradient. The result is a dynamic, two-sided artwork.

Curious and encouraged by the enthusiastic response from family and friends, I continued to explore this kind of art on different materials.

Jendel Artworks El Cerro el Avila

Searching for a way to combine different techniques, I succeeded more and more to unite colours, light, forms and different motives in one artwork.

With the series "BiSIDE" I feel as if I have reached a long-desired goal. It feels like the work of a lifetime finally comes together now - the joy of photography, the material, the craft, form and colour.

I am delighted and thank you for your interest in my story.

Walter Martin Jendel